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Open Singles and Doubles Winners.
1987 to 2021


Trophy Presentation

SSDA will be co-hosting with SSLDA a Players Wind-Up Trophy Presentation.

This will be held at the Armadale Sporting Club on the 27 th of November 2021, starting at

We understand it is late notice but there is at least 10 weeks before the event is scheduled
to start.

What we (SSDA) will do is pay for each Registered Players meal being $25-00 and they will
purchase their own drinks. If they wish to have their partner attend it will be at their own
expense, $25-00.

The Clubs are to take Names and payment from of those that wish to attend the night. Each
club will be invoiced by the Treasurer, relative to the names and numbers provided, SSDA
Inc, will credit each club $25 for each registered player that nominated who attends. Once
players and partners are confirmed by attendance on the night, clubs will be advised of the
monetary commitment to SSDA.

The Clubs must advise the Secretary by Friday 1 st October of the names and total numbers

We have not had a Wind Up for a long time, but the opportunity was too good to pass up
with the SSLDA and co-hosting.

Our aim is to have representatives from the clubs and teams who were.

Minor Premiers (Top of Ladder)
Runner up Minor Premiers (Second on the Ladder)
Open Singles Winner and Runner Up
Open Doubles Winner and Runner Up
Over 50 Singles Winner and Runner Up
Under 50 Singles Winner and Runner Up
Over 50 Doubles Winner and Runner Up
Under 50 Doubles Winner and Runner Up
Grade Premiers 2021
Grade Runner Up 2021

Let us get this off the ground again and celebrate our year of darts.



 Forms Needed for 2021 Season


The email address of the Secretary of South Suburban Darts is now changed.
Please amend your contacts list to reflect the change to: