South Suburban Under 50’s Handicap Singles attracted 49 players for the 2021 event.
Another poor weather night again cost us numbers for the event.
All games including Finals were best of 3.

¼ Finals
John Punshon def. Dwayne Fogarty 2 games to 0
Harry Jung def. Johnathon Bingham 2 Games to 0
Kris Clampett def. Norm Dennis 2 games to 1
Brian Davis def. Mark Mc Auslin 2 games to 1

Semi Finals
Kris Clampett def. Brian Davis 2 games to 0
Harry Jung def. John Punshon 2 games to 1

Kris Clampett def. Harry Jung 2 games to 0
Winner/Runner Up

SSDAWinner: Kris Clampett – Runner Up: Harry Jung

Hi Peg – Men’s Mike Baylis 94 Ladies Chris Atkinson 73
1 x 171, Harry Jung
Great night of darts, our thanks to Reg Lyle from SSDA, Kate Williamson, Mel Mc Garry and all the others at Armadale Sports Club that helped the night run smoothly.
It was good a great turn up considering the weather.
Well done to all that came and had a go awesome effort especially when we consider the weather.

Safe wishes
Allan Kelly