2014 SSDA Open Doubles Results

SSDA Open Doubles Results

Winners: Gary Hunter and Adam Rowe

Runner Up: Denis Parr and Henry Forman

Twenty Six pairs played the Open Doubles and the final was won by Gary Hunter and Adam Rowe, they defeated Denis Parr and Henry Forman 4 legs to 2 in a high class match. You will note the averages in the Grand Final below.
There were 13 x 180’s on the night with Adam Rowe shooting 4 of them and Henry Forman 3 of which 2 came in the Grand Final.
There were 2 pegs over 100, Henry Forman 107 in the Final and Brandon Heta’s 119 in qualifying.

Gary Hunter: WAPO – 28.29 [91.53]Adam Rowe: Forrestdale – 25.96 [84.05]

Runner Up
Denis Parr: WAPO – 24.76 [74.29]Henry Forman: WAPO – 29.53 [98.44]

Equal 3rd
Jamie Roche Forrestdale
Ian Dryden Forresdale
Ron Kneale WAPO
Steve Sutcliffe WAPO

Equal 5th
Aaron Heta WAPO
Brandon Heta WAPO
Shaun Morrison Forrestdale
Chris Da Silva Kelmscott
Glenn Harper Forrestdale
Rory Harper Forrestdale
John Coelho Forrestdale
Chris Prime Forrestdale

It was a good night of darts, thanks to the many spectators and the hospitality of Forrestdale Sports for making the night a success.
Mark Dorotich