2015 – Singles Results

Open Singles night wasn’t a bad turn-out with 40 starters.
The final game between Damon Heta and Tom Wiley 5 games to 1 to take out the title, and produced some nice averages,
Damon (Avg 95.68) defeated Tom  (Avg 81.72).
1st – Damon Heta
RU – Tom Wiley
=3rd – Glenn Harper & Wayne Walton
=5th – Steve Perkusich, Tim Pusey, Marc Watkins & Rory Harper
180’s for the night were Tom Wiley (4), Damon Heta (3) and Rory Harper, Aaron Heta and Darren Batchelor with 1 each.
Highest peg for the night was Rory Harper with a 128 peg.