2013 – Event 01 – 16 March

South Suburban Darts

 WYATT Challenger Lower Grades Singles Event One

Coolbellup 16th March 2013

Hello all and welcome to the new season of darts specifically created for the lower average dart players of Western Australia.

The events will be held at the Coolbellup Hotel this year, with the potential of events being added and played at other locations in 2014.

We had 54 players participate in the 3 divisions, Division 1 had 25 players, Division 2 had 21 players and Division 3 had 8 players. Still plenty of room for more players to come down an play in the remaining events.

Division One – 25 Players – Pay Out 8

South Suburban DartsSouth Suburban Darts
 Winner Damien McCann – Runner Up Eddie Heron

Division One – 25 Players – Pay Out 8

Winner -Damien McCann  $200-00
Runner Up – Eddie Heron – $100-00
Equal 3rd – Tony Pulleine – $50-00, Al Soper – $50-00
Equal 5th – Kevin Marsh – $25-00, Alex Jones – $25-00, Andy Williams – $25-00, Darren Pearce – $25-00
Pay Out Total –  $500-00
Hi Pegs

Kevin Marsh – 153, Wayne Walton – 135, Alex Jones – 122, Steve Goldhagen – 119

Damien McCann 2, Eddie Heron 1, Wayne Walton 1, Alex Jones 1,   Tony Pulleine 1

 Division Two – 21 Players – Pay out 8

 2013.03.16.div2.winner South Suburban Darts

 Winner: Len Antunovich – Runner Up: Jodi Saunders

 Division Two – 21 Players – Pay out 8

Winner: Len Antunovich – $180-00
Runner Up; Jodi Saunders – $90-00
Equal 3rd Matthew Dorotich, Clive Todd, Tyson Bekkers – $45-00
Equal 5th Darren Bennett, Dave Perry, Grant Barclay – $25-00
Pay Out Total –  $460-00

Hi Pegs

Duncan Staff – 160, Matthew Dorotich – 115 Darren Bennett – 100


Matthew Dorotich, Clive Todd, Darren Bennett,  Deb Powell,   Kristina Gallacher – 1

Division Three – 8 Players – Pay Out 2

 2013.03.16.div3.winner South Suburban Darts

 Winner: Bob James – Runner up: Dexter Arno

Winner: Bob James – $100-00
Runner Up – Dexter Arno – $60-00
Pay Out Total –  $180-00

 No Hi Pegs or 180’s recorded this week.

A great good day of darts was enjoyed by all who attended including a healthy number of spectators enjoying the darts on display.

We today welcomed a new sponsor being Darts Academy Australia to our ever increasing group of like minded people who wish to make the lower grades a enjoyable and prosperous event for all who participate. Jim Welch (D.A.A) is sponsoring the High Peg in each division to the tune of a $100-00 Shop Voucher to be used at any time and any event that he attends during the season.

Our thanks to Wayne Wyatt and Don Reynolds and his staff at the Coolbellup Hotel for their support and hospitality. The next event is set down for the 6th April 2013.

This event was well attended but more players are needed for the 39-99 and under average group. Those that attended have all spoken highly to Allan and myself that they love the format and social aspect of the day and will recommend to their friends and team mates to come down and play in the remaining events.

Until the 6th of April, good health and good fortune to you all.

Mark, Allan and Wayne