2013 – Event 02 – 06 April

South Suburban Darts

WYATT Challenger Lower Grades Singles Event Two

 Coolbellup 6th April 2013

 Hello all and welcome to the wrap up of event number 2 of 8.

We had 73 players participate in the 3 divisions, Division 1 had 31 players, Division 2 had 18 players and Division 3 had 24 players. A great turn out and special mention to Division 3 players who went from 8 to 24 players , well done.

Division One (59-99 to 50-00) – 31 Players – Pay Out 8

  South Suburban Darts 2013.04.06.div1.runner.up

Winner: Greg Sawyer – $180-00
Runner Up: Andy Williams – $90-00
Equal 3rd: Jamie Roche, Trevor Jones, Wayne Walton – $40-00 each
Equal 5th: Eddie Holt, Alex Jones, Kevin Marsh – $20-00 each
Pay Out Total –  $430-00

 Hi Pegs
Greg Sawyer – 130,  Trevor Jones – 110, Wayne Walton – 108, Mark Rollings – 106

Kevin Marsh 5, Jordan Garland 2
Tony Morrison 1, Eddie Holt 1,  Alex Jones 1

Division Two (49-99 to 40-00) – 18 Players – Pay out 4

2013.04.06.div2.winner South Suburban Darts 

Winner: Leeanne Watkins – Runner Up: Chris Haddock

Winner: Leeanne Watkins – $120-00
Runner Up: Chris Haddock – $60-00
Equal 3rd: Deb Powell, Paul Middleton – $30-00

Pay Out Total –  $240-00

Hi Pegs
Deb Powell -115,   Keith Huxtable – 105

Division Three (39-99 & below) – 8 Players – Pay Out 2

 2013.04.06.div3.winner South Suburban Darts

Winner: Paul James – Runner Up: Brad Collard

Winner: Paul James – $180-00
Runner Up: Brad Collard – $90-00
Equal 3rd: Kathy Cunneen, Caleb Baccala, Kelly Edmonds – $40-00 each
Equal 5th: Cindy Burrows, Bob James, Rob Perry – $20-00 each

Pay Out Total –  $430-00 

Hi Pegs

Brad Collard 120, Kathy Cunneen 120, Dexter Arno 102


Kelly Edmond  1

Another great day of darts was enjoyed by all who attended including a healthy number of spectators, the numbers were up by 19 and each and everyone enjoyed themselves.

We today saw DWA committee members Glen Mcleod and the 2002 Embassy World Champion Tony David came down and have a look at our lower average players in action.

The players were extremely pleased to see them remarked it was good to see Tony come down and have a look, they also said we knew the name but it was good to now see him in the flesh and put a face to him. It was a genuine privilege to have him come down and check out the darting action and to see him in good health again.

Finally, Our thanks to Wayne Wyatt and Don Reynolds and his staff at the Coolbellup Hotel for their support and hospitality. The next event is set down for the 27th April 2013.

This event was well attended and we are pleased to see that more players are aware of the events and are attending. We are also looking to add the “Lost ” event to the calendar and are looking at early July to add the event to the calendar. It was great to see all the new faces today and we look forward to seeing them all again and with some new players as well on the 27th April.

Until the 27th of April, good health and good fortune to you all.

Mark, Allan and Wayne