2014 – Event 01 – 15 February


South Suburban Darts

WYATT Challenger Lower Grades Singles Event One
Coolbellup 15th February 2014

Hello all and welcome to the wrap up of event number 1   of 8.

We had 80 players participate in the 3 divisions, Division 1 had 26 players, Division 2 had 25 players and Division 3 had 29 players. A great turn out by the players to start the new season but a season without our major sponsor Wayne Wyatt who passed away 27th December 2013 while holidaying in the Philippines. A great bloke who will be missed by all those that remember him for his quick wit and cheeky smile.
There is seven further event to complete the preliminaries prior to the finals commencing where the Top Qualified 16 in each division will play off in the Grand Final on Saturday the 18th October 2014 at the Coolbellup Hotel.
However, you must have played in at least 6 or 75% of the events to be eligible to play.
If you are a genuine FIFO worker consideration may be given to qualifying with four events only and having accrued enough points but this will a consideration after employer confirmation of working dates.

Division One (59-99 to 50-00) – 26 Players – Pay Out 8

South Suburban Darts

South Suburban Darts

Andy Williams Winner $180-00
Jordan Clarke Runner Up $90-00
Damien McCann Equal 3rd $40-00
Paul Middleton Equal 3rd $40-00
Jim Welch Equal 5th $20-00
Dan Pulman Equal 5th $20-00
Leeann Watkins Equal 5th $20-00
Alex Jones Equal 5th $20-00
Pay Out Total $430-00

 Hi Pegs & 180’s

Jordan Clarke 140 Alex Jones 1
Peter Govorko 120

Division Two (49-99 to 40-00) – 25 Players – Pay out 8



Colin Hardman Winner $175-00
Deb Powell Runner Up $85-00
Jared Rogers Equal 3rd $40-00
Rod Newman Equal 3rd $40-00
Jodi Saunders Equal 5th $20-00
Paul James Equal 5th $20-00
Jason Bekkers Equal 5th $20-00
Caleb Baccala Equal 5th $20-00
Pay Out Total $420-00

Hi Pegs & 180’s

Caleb Baccala 130 Dylan Park 1
Darren Bennett 102 Caleb Baccala 1

Division Three (39-99 & below) – 29 Players – Pay Out 8



Donald Munro Winner $190-00
Sarah Elliott Runner Up $95-00
James Harding Equal 3rd $50-00
Rob Perry Equal 3rd $50-00
Kathy Cunneen Equal 5th $20-00
Leonnie Meier Equal 5th $20-00
Mark James Equal 5th $20-00
Craig Hatton Equal 5th $20-00
Pay Out Total $465-00

Hi Pegs & 180’s

Kelly Edmonds 118 James Harding 174

It was great day with great darts in all divisions by the players present. It was good to see a mix of new players with the regular faces at the start of this years Wyatt.

The next playing date is Saturday 22nd March 2014 and is event 2 of 8, the grand Final will be held 18th October 2014.

Finally, I like to acknowledge the memory of Wayne Wyatt. The hospitality of Don Reynolds and his staff at the Coolbellup Hotel. This event had 80 players who attended, these numbers will ensure the prize money $1315-00 paid out will be similar in subsequent events. The amount carried over to the Finals from today was $805-00, a great start.

Good luck and good darts.

Mark and Allan