2014 – Event 02 – 22 March

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South Suburban Darts

WYATT Challenger Lower Grades Singles Event Two
Belmont Sports & Recreation Centre 22nd March 2014

Hello all and welcome to the wrap up of event number 2 of 8.

We had 85 players participate in the 3 divisions, Division 1 had 39 players, Division 2 had 27 players and Division 3 had 19 players. A great turn out by the players to the second event of the season. We were at Belmont today as the Cooby has closed it’s doors, we would like to thank Don Reynolds and his staff for the support and use of the venue. Allan and myself hope that all works out well for Don and his staff for the future.

There is six further event to complete the preliminaries prior to the finals commencing where the Top Qualified 16 in each division will play off in the Grand Final on Saturday the 18th October 2014 at the Coolbellup Hotel.

However, you must have played in at least 6 or 75% of the events to be eligible to play.

If you are a genuine FIFO worker consideration may be given to qualifying with four events only and having accrued enough points but this will a consideration after employer confirmation of working dates.

Division One (59-99 to 50-00) – 39 Players – Pay Out 8

South Suburban Darts

Winner: Damien McCann – Runner Up: Dave Clinch

Damien McCann Winner $170-00
Dave Clinch Runner Up $80-00
Brad Collard Equal 3rd $40-00
Jordan Darland Equal 3rd $40-00
Mitchell Clark Equal 5th $20-00
Michelle Rodney Equal 5th $20-00
Dave Coulton Equal 5th $20-00
Eddy Holt Equal 5th $20-00
Pay Out Total $410-00

Hi Pegs & 180’s

Trevor Jones 144 Mitchell Clark 4 Jordan Garland 2
Gavin Horner 140 Alex Jones 1 Gavin Horner 1
Damian McCann 120 Eddy Holt 1 Shane Kennewell 1
Eion Ellis 117 Trevor Jones 1 Michelle Rodney 1
Shane Kennewell 115 Greg Sawyer 1 Jamie Roche 1
Alex Jones 110 Drew Prottey 1 Rod Manikam 1
Jordan Garland 104 Matt Dorotich 1 Ian Mitchell 1
Jamie Roche 103

Division Two (49-99 to 40-00) – 27 Players – Pay out 8

South Suburban Darts

Winner: Jason Bekkers – Runner Up: Jodi Saunders

Jason Bekkers Winner $140-00
Jodi Saunders Runner Up $70-00
Colin Hardman Equal 3rd $30-00
Rob Gilchrist Equal 3rd $30-00
Kris Gallacher Equal 5th $15-00
Darren Bennett Equal 5th $15-00
Greg Scott Equal 5th $15-00
Deb Powell Equal 5th $15-00
Pay Out Total $330-00

Hi Pegs & 180’s

Jodi Saunders 111 Tony Ursich 1
Anthony Cucevic 111 Darren Bennett 1
Greg Scott 106 Rod Newman 1
Len Antunovich 1
Jason Bekkers 1

Division Three (39-99 & below) – 19 Players – Pay Out 4

South Suburban Darts

Bethany Dawson Winner $100-00
Bob James Runner Up $50-00
Alison Falconer Equal 3rd $25-00
Kathy Cunneen Equal 3rd $25-00
Pay Out Total $200-00

Hi Pegs & 180’s

Bethany Dawson 86
Clinton Firby 73

It was great day with great darts in all divisions by the players present. It was good to see 25 new and returning players for the 2nd event of the series. Division One had 39 entries this time around, 13 more than the previous event. Division 2 had 27 players which is 2 more than previous and Division Three had 19 which was 10 down from the 1st event.

The next playing date is Saturday 26th April 2014 at Spearwood Dalmatinac Club, located at Azelia Rd, Spearwood WA 6163. Check In finishes at 9-30am for a 10-00am start.

A new era has begun and we welcome you all to the lower average darts train. This event had 85 players who attended. The prize money paid out today was $940 and the amount carried over to the Finals from today was $710-00, over $1500 is now available after two events for the Grand Final in October.

Good luck and good darts.

Mark and Allan