2014 – Event 07 – 09 August

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South Suburban Darts

WYATT Challenger Lower Grades Singles Event Seven
Belmont Sports 9th August 2014

Hello all and welcome to the wrap up of event number 7 of 8.

We had 64 players participate in the 3 divisions, Division 1 had 25 players, Division 2 had 24 players and Division 3 had 15 players. A fairly good turn out by the players to the seventh event of the season There is One final event to complete the preliminaries prior to the finals starting where the Top Qualified 16 in each division will play off in the Grand Final on Saturday the 18th October 2014 at the Belmont Sports & Rec.

However, you must have played in at least 6 or 75% of the events to be eligible to play. Remember those who have played at least 6 events and are not in the Top 16 will be elevated into the 16 if higher points players are not qualified. It is to your advantage to come and play every event you can.

Division One (59-99 to 50-00) – 25 Players – Pay Out 8

South Suburband Darts

Winner: Drew Prottey – Runner Up: Marc Watkins

Drew Prottey Winner $110
Marc Watkins Runner Up $50
Mitchell Clark Equal 3rd $25
Peter Daines Equal 3rd $25
Jeremy Crawley Equal 5th $10
Darren Grayson Equal 5th $10
Shane Kennewell Equal 5th $10
Rory Harper Equal 5th $10
Pay Out Total $250

Hi Pegs
Damian McCann 123
Michelle Rodney 116
Mitchell Clark 114
Paul Middleton 113
Shane Kennewell 104


Jeremy Crawley 2 Mitchell Clark 2 Lee Ann Watkins 1 Mark Watkins 1
Rory Harper 1 Dave Clinch 1

Division Two (49-99 to 40-00) – 19 Players – Pay out 4

South Suburban Darts

Haydyn Varias Winner $110
Darren Bennett Runner Up $50
Caleb Baccala Equal 3rd $25
Dylan Sutherland Equal 3rd $25
Brett Parker Equal 5th $ 10
Tyson Bekkers Equal 5th $ 10
Bruce McDonald Equal 5th $ 10
Rob Gilchrist Equal 5th $ 10
Pay Out Total $250

Hi Pegs

Darren Bennett 129
Tyson Bekkers 118
Aaron Robertson 104


Dylan Sutherland 2 Robert Sutherland 2
Darren Bennett 1 Caleb Baccala 1  Brett Parker 1

Division Three (39-99 & below) – 15 Players – Pay Out 6

South Suburban Darts

Winner: Donald munro – Runner Up: Amy Jenkins

Donald Munro Winner $80
Amy Jenkins Runner Up $40
Sharleen Holt Equal 3rd $20
Dianne Larson Equal 3rd $20
Koren Bennett Equal 5th $ 10
Owen Jenyns Equal 5th $ 10
Pay Out Total $180

Hi Pegs

Sharleen Holt 80

It was another great day of darts in all divisions by those players present. It was good to see another 2 new players, welcome to our dart family and thanks for your support. Today we had 15 x 180’s thrown and 9 x 100 plus pegs…..awesome darts people.

The only downside at the moment is once players do not go any further in their division they go home, not a bad thing I guess but who is going to score at least the quarter finals?. It is getting harder to get people to stay 10 minutes longer but I am sure that will improve.

Again thanks to Belmont Sports and the staff for the use of the venue, a nice home for the Wyatt Challenger Lower Grade Singles to call our event headquarters. A great place to play darts with plenty of room and facilities for the players, thanks for the support.

The next playing date is Saturday 13th September 2014 at Belmont Sports & Rec, Check In finishes at 9-30am for a 10-00am start.

We urge All Players who are right on the edge with Qualifying Games and Points to attend to ensure they are not left short for the final qualifying positions.

This event had 64 players who attended and played some very good darts. The prize money paid out today was $680 and the amount carried over to the Finals from today was $430 We have over $3900 after seven events in the prize fund for the Grand Final in October. With 2 events to go, we look to have a great prize fund for the players to play for in the grand finals.

Good luck and good darts.

Allan and Mark