Wayne Wyatt Challenger News



Please Remember that your Average must be 59.99 or below to be eligible to play in the Wayne Wyatt Challenger.
Your #1 Association or 2nd Association Average whichever is higher from season 2016 is the Average that determines if you are eligible to play.
[Playing Rules]

Good News – Wyatt Sponsorship Renewed


Our thanks again to Mick Rogers for his kind generosity in again supplying trophies for our winner and runner-up in each grade of the Finals of the 2017 Wyatt Challenger Under 60 Average Singles.

WYATT Prize Money Payout explained;
It appears that there has been questions raised as to how the prize fund for each division is distributed.
Rather than chase your tails by asking the question of
people who do not know, come to Allan or myself for an explanation.
Explanation here …